High School Students Create Music For Apple iPad App

September 20th, 2010

High School Students Create Music For Apple iPad App

Los Angeles, CA — September 14, 2011 — The background music and sound effects of a video game is one of the most important aspect in the success of the game, think “Tetris”, and the “Super Mario Bros” theme. Blue Fusion Technologies, maker of the hit iPod/iPhone game Martian Swarm, will be collaborating with the Music Technology students of the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) in creating the background music for their new and improved iPad version of Martian Swarm.

The Los Angeles County High School for the Arts is an audition based public high school on the campus of Calstate, Los Angeles, that has provided free arts training and academics for the past 25 years. The Music Technology class is a music department elective that allows musicians in the school to create music and not just perform it. The students learn everything from using electronic keyboards to input music to their computers via MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) to recording their own demos and producing an entire class album every year.  The class is taught by music producer and LACHSA graduate Emmanuel L. Munda.

Blue Fusion Technologies LLC is primarily an IT security and software company, owned and operated by Victor Negri, and is currently branching into the iPod/iPhone/iPad app market.  Blue Fusion Technologies LLC currently has apps available on iTunes that relate to rock climbing as well as its hit video game “Martian Swarm.” The release of Martian Swarm 2.0 is intended to be in conjunction with Apple’s new gaming social hub Game Center, in which players can play with anyone else around the world and share their score and rankings.

Emmanuel Munda was approached by Blue Fusion Technologies LLC owner Victor Negri, via Facebook, to create music and sound effects for Martian Swarm 2.0. In a “Wouldn’t be cool if…” moment, the idea came about to have the students of Mr. Munda’s Music Technology class produce the background music for Martian Swarm 2.0. This would allow the students to have a real life experience as well as exposure as music producers. In order to accomplish the task, Blue Fusion Technologies donated a brand new Apple iPad to the classroom to use on the project.  The class will not only be using the donated iPad to test their music, but will also be given lessons in using available iPad apps to produce the music itself. This also shows the potential of the Apple iPad as being a great educational and creative tool as well.

For information: http://www.lachsa.net ; http://www.bluefusiongames.com

Martian Swarm Rocks!!!

May 19th, 2010

Martian Swarm is a never ending color matching game where the action does not stop. The graphics and music has a classic retro feel to it. Play as a stalwart commander in a space station that serves as a defensive line for Earth. As the commander it will be up to you to make sure the Martian Swarm does not get past your line of defense. To destroy enemies, players simply match colors on their HUD with the enemy and FIRE! The game offers 5 different types of enemies for varied game play and difficulty. The game also includes special weapons adding some strategic elements as well. The game is meant to be E for everyone.